Webdesign and Shop Design


We have been commissioned to Re-Design a Website and build a online store with more than 1000 products and several different brands. 


A modern clean look with easy navigation was required and we developed a new start page, tydied up the code, and re organised the blog. We made blog posts available at the start page and included a sign up form for the newsletter to capture new leads. A new slideshow for the brand display was put in place and we created several animations to make the page more interactive.

The Task

MyBeautyKing will change the products on display along with the playing video every two weeks so it should be easy to change and maintain.

Some sections need to be able to be switched on and off when needed and the products should be able to change. The task was to create different sections that blend in into the overall design.

The Store

The task was a long. More than 1000 products, more than 3000 images, more than 50000 words of product descriptions. We had some task in front of us.

The Shop has several “Departments” for different BRANDS such as AVON, AMWAY, Nutrilite, I am Austria, New and Sale Offers. Followed by subcategories and sub sub categories. 

We decided to go for the best available Online Store Solution with ECWID. We setup shipment via DHL and Royal Mail. Payments with PayPal and SQUARE, other payment options include Bank transfer and Cash when picked up.

This is the largest Online Store we had up until now realised and it was a lot of work. It took as 3 months to do everything including SEO on the products.

Our work is not yet finished with this store. We are maintaining the products, and design. We also keep updating the content, information and category images as needs arise.



MyBeautyKing also required the change and re branding of their Logo and we have designed a new Logo for them, updated their PDF Invoice Forms and Order Forms with the new logo and made all forms fillable on any computer.

The Old Logo

The new Forms


With the re launch of the new Logo, Website and Business Cards, MyBeautyKing also required a new set of Forms to go along with their new more modern design. We had the pleasure of designing those forms and more… 

Projects like this are chellanging but great to work on and building relationships between us and the client.

The new Vouchers

We also designed a new Gift Voucher that can be modified to the needs of MyBeautyKing. The voucher can be used online in the MyBeautyKing online store or in person when purchasing a product. It reflects the product line and the focus on male products. 

Social Media and SEO

With the new store and website, MyBeautyKing needed a new and improved social media presence. We have created Facebook Page, Pinterest Pins, Twitter Account,Youtube Video channel, Instagram Page and a Blog.

Our SEO  work includes the registration and setup of a Google My Business Account, Keywords and pages and post SEO, as well as directory listings with major UK directories.